Empowering Early Childhood Educators to Reduce Preschool Expulsion
A Comprehensive Training Program by Green Space Learning

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Why focus on challenging behaviors?

Research has shown us that children of color, especially Black boys, are disproportionately experiencing suspension and expulsion from preschool at a rate three times that of their white peers.

Early childhood teachers, no matter their race, show implicit bias towards children of color by expecting misbehavior, rating the severity of those behaviors, and seeing age appropriate behavior as problematic.

About Our Program

Empowered by a grant from Texas Workforce Commission (TWC); 
Green Space Learning designed the Addressing Challenging Behaviors program in conjunction with our partnering agencies to reduce expulsions in preschools.  

We are committed to improving access to quality child care across the state of Texas by assisting Early Childhood Professionals in developing a positive learning environment in the classroom. As a part of this initiative, we are supporting the implementation of developmentally appropriate and anti-racism programming for young children through meaningful professional development, implicit bias training, and access to early childhood mental health consultants.

Our hopes are that through the Addressing Challenging Behaviors program, early childhood teachers will use new skills to minimize behavior issues, learn and understand their internal biases, collectively and individually reduce those biases, and reduce or eliminate preschool suspension and expulsions.

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1 - Developmentally Appropriate Expectations & Guidance

2 - Building Positive Relationships

3 - Responsive Classroom Environment

4 - Effective Communication with Parents